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"The best one day training I have attended in my 33 years of Law enforcement"

-HTH Participant

What is Healing Thru Hitting?

Healing thru Hitting (HTH) is an all-day mental health program designed with First Responders in mind. First Responders are specialized in their training to be the first to arrive and provide assistance and or resolve highly intense situations.

The scenarios First Responders experience require a strong psychological mindset.

However, over time without proper mindset training, the response to the nature of these traumatic events disrupts the refractory period of recovery of a responder.

Healing Thru Hitting is designed to give First Responders additional tools and resources to speed up the refractory recovery period, and also maintain mental focus learning the same techniques used by professional baseball players.

baseball player

"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."

-Babe Ruth

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Sheriff: nate curtis

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389 W. 10000 S.


HTH Coaches

John Buck

John Buck was a Major League Baseball (MLB) player who played for several teams throughout his career, including the Kansas City Royals, the Toronto Blue Jays, the Florida Marlins, the New York Mets, and the Pittsburgh Pirates. He was primarily a catcher and was known for his strong arm and leadership skills behind the plate. Buck was a two-time All-Star selection. He played in the league for 11 seasons, from 2004 to 2014, and was a key contributor on several playoff teams. After retiring from playing, Buck became a coach and has since worked with several MLB teams.

Alley Dake, phd

As a Performance and Leadership developmental coach, Allison works with athletes, teams, youth sports, leadership programs, and individuals with a value-driven focus. Allison (Alley) Dake holds a Ph.D. in Values-Driven Leadership and a certificate nueropsyhcology.

In addition to her mental performance coaching business, LevelUp, Allison is an affiliate professor at Regis University and an adjunct professor at CU Boulder.

Allison has been instrumental in developing young player programs, mentoring parents of high-performing athletes, and coaching girls on and off the field.

ryan Harrison

Ryan Harrison, has a degree in Exercise Physiology from University of California at Davis. Ryan worked with his father, Dr. Harrison on improving athlete’s visual AND MENTAL performance on the field since 1999. Through the years he has worked hundreds of baseball stars.

He previously has worked with the Toronto Blue Jays, Philadelphia Phillies,as well as 9 other Professional Baseball Organizations and humdreds of college programs over the last 14 years.


Josh Burkman

Josh Burkman is a retired professional mixed martial artist who competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight division. He was born on April 10, 1980, in Salt Lake City, Utah, and began his professional MMA career in 2003.

Burkman was a standout wrestler in high school and college, which laid the foundation for his success in MMA. He amassed a record of 28 wins and 18 losses throughout his career, with notable wins over the likes of Jon Fitch, Aaron Simpson, and Sam Morgan.

Burkman first competed in the UFC in 2005 and would go on to have two separate stints with the organization. During his time in the UFC, he fought some of the best welterweights in the world and was known for his tenacity and toughness inside the Octagon.

Outside of the UFC, Burkman also competed for various other promotions, including the World Series of Fighting, where he challenged for the welterweight title. He retired from professional fighting in 2018 after a long and storied career.

Burkman is also a dedicated family man. He is known for his positive attitude, work ethic, and commitment to helping others, and he continues to be involved in the sport as a coach and mentor to up-and-coming fighters.



8:15am breakfast





Wrap up

Educational Worksheet Geometric Shapes

4/25 Roster

Jeremy Foisy

Tucker Reynolds

Bodee Wells

Ben Cebrowski

Shane Roberts

Cory Elmer

Tamberleigh Lee

Julie Barton

Kody Wasden

Cory Scott

Mark Crane

Destinee Meacham

Bryant Johnson

Jason Miles

David Williams

Cody Barton

Victor Murdock

Travis Avery

Gavin Jensen

Troy Strong

Winter Jacobsen

Keith Allen Hayes

Brenden Davis

EZ Schacht

Tyson Thomas

Shataya Walker

Educational Worksheet Geometric Shapes

4/26 Roster

William Taufer

Cory Hutchings

Aaron Richards

Tyla northrup

Tim Vande Sluis

Matt Thompson

Brendan Call

Corwin Bowles

Dale Watts

Charlie Crews

Terry Rasch

Stephen miller

Brandt Deaton

Chavis L Curtis

Stuart Reid

Greg northrup

Ryan Jensen

Dustin Bullard

Carlynn Scott

Sarah Busk

Charlene Avery

Justin willden

Matt O'Brien

Brooke Moosman

Jesse Ingram

Educational Worksheet Geometric Shapes

5/2 Roster

Deven George

Jordan Ray Thompson

Andrew Owens

Alonzo Jones

Brady rich

Nathan Curtis

James Brown


Sierra Mangum

Antoinette Brown (Toni)

Skip Brown

Dave Larsen

Dustin Anderson

Mike Willits

Rob Jenson

Cory Firzlaff

Mathew Coe

Hobie Young

Alan Price

Charles Prime

Jonah Long

Steven Ward



Educational Worksheet Geometric Shapes

5/3 Roster

Lani Busk

Jordan Upchurch

Clancy Morley

Timothy Herbert

Clint Fackrell

Carolyn Montilla

Adam Mittower

David Monson

scott faddis

Bobby Burns

Brady nielson

Chavis Curtis

Kris Larsen

Justin J. Gleave

Stacy Mickelson

Shaun Robbins

Allen Pearson

Russty Edwards

Allen Pearson

Matthew Mclean

Troy Morgan

Amy Sanders

Wesley Sanders

Tiffany Christensen

What to bring:

You don't need to bring any additional equipment as we'll be providing you with a custom-made bat, hat, batting gloves, and an official HTH jersey.

All these items are yours to keep after the camp.

What to wear:

Expect to participate in various athletic baseball-related drills, so we recommend wearing clothing similar to what you would wear to your local gym or fitness center. We'll provide you with an HTH jersey and hat to wear during the day.


Blake's Gourmet Catering will provide breakfast and lunch. Breakfast will be served at 8:15 am (camp starts at 9:00 am), and lunch will be served around noon.


We're producing a short documentary film that focuses on you and your experience at the Healing Thru Hitting Camp. During the day, you may be asked to wear a microphone while participating or share a story about yourself. We're looking for individuals who would like to share a meaningful story and potentially be featured in the film.

Camp location:

The camp will take place at the MountainWest Baseball Academy, located at

389 W. 10000 S. South Jordan, UT 84070

You can reach them at 801-561-1700.


Breakfast will be served at 8:15 am, and the HTH Camp will start at 9:00 am.

We're planning to end the day between 4-5 pm.

H+H infuses the practice of mindset training and experience learned from our expert First Responders team.

First Responders learn to better control their physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral actions yielding a focused, balanced, and self-confident performance under pressure.

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Submit your story

thank you for participating in the healing thru hitting camp. We will be making a short documentary film around the camp focused on creating awareness and empathy for first responders and the work that you do. We are looking for people who are willing to be on camera and share their most exiting, heart felt story from being on the job.

Everyone has a great story. This is your chance to tell it.

Once you complete the form, a member from our production team will reach out.